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Since Bitcoin made waves in 2017 for hitting a peak price of $20,000, the cryptocurrency ecosystem has seen a significant boost in investments. Venture capital funding for Bitcoin-related enterprises also...
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What is Ethereum

What is Ethereum? | The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide

20 June 2018 This article by Alex Moskov was originally published at   With the second largest market cap in the cryptocurrency world, Ethereum has drawn a lot of...
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The New Age of Bitcoin Business Opportunities

29 MAY 2018|ARTICLES This article by David Hamilton was originally published at The New Age of Bitcoin Business Opportunities By DAVID HAMILTON There is Way More than Day Trading...
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Tron Crypto

Tron [TRX] is stepping closer to their big day

 Published on May 7, 2018 By Sthuthie Murthy, AMBCrypto Tron is one of the most active communities in the crypto space with constant announcements about new events and projects. They have a...
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What is the Blockchain?

If you’re looking for a new, efficient way to carry out transactions, blockchain is a technology that your company might find helpful. Far from a short-term trend, blockchain is a revolutionary approach to transactions...
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Binance beats Twitter’s profit by $89M – The Element Group

Published on May 3, 2018 By  Sthuthie Murthy The world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform, Binance has been compared quite a lot to banks and other financial institutions in terms of profit....
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oil pipe

Oil prices hit highest in years as markets adjust to looming sanctions on Iran

BUSINESS NEWS MAY 10, 2018 / 3:25 AM /   Henning Gloystein SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Oil prices clocked up more multi-year highs on Thursday as traders adjusted to the prospects of...
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Cardano [ADA] has a bunch of Juicy updates this week

 Published on May 10, 2018 By Sthuthie Murthy – Cardano [ADA] is known for its punctuality with all kinds of updates associated with the currency being shared with the community in...
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What is the Blockchain?
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