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Fireside Chat with IOHK

Cardano the Gold Standard of Cryptocurrency

Beyond Blocks

Not just one, but both founders of Input Output Hong Kong are our guests for this fireside chat.

IOHK is the company behind Cardano and the Ada cryptocurrency that launched a year ago. And what a year, marked by the rise and crash of cryptocurrencies. Having survived that blow, expect to hear the founders discuss what the markets are waiting for: decentralization, smart contracts, and the ability to issue assets. With their experience at both Ethereum and Cardano, this is a rare chance to hear about the future of cryptocurrencies, blockchains and their global applications.

Moderator: Karim Baruque,
Host, CryptoBasic Podcast Charles Hoskinson, CEO,
IOHK Jeremy Wood, Chief Strategy Officer & Founder,
IOHK Connect with us on our other platforms:
Website: https://beyondblocks.com
Facebook: @beyondblocksevents
Twitter: @beyondblocks
Instagram: @beyond_blocks
LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/beyond-blocks

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