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IOHK PlutusFest 2018 | IOHK Language Architect – Manuel Chakravarty Interview

Cardano the Gold Standard of Cryptocurrency

In this interview at IOHK’s PlutusFest 2018, Manuel Chakravarty introduces the overall Plutus architecture and the importance of creating this contract development platform.

Get ready for smart contracts on Cardano, the third-generation blockchain and cryptocurrency.


On 11th December 2018, IOHK hosted a public day of presentations and debate with IOHK’s scientists and engineers about Plutus, the programming platform for smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain and Marlowe, the simple smart contracts language for financiers.

The sessions during the event introduced Marlowe, the financial smart contracts language designed to be used by financiers; the Plutus Playground for testing code; and Meadow, a web-based tool that helps create and test Marlowe smart contracts.

https://testnet.iohkdev.io/plutus/ https://testnet.iohkdev.io/marlowe/

About Manuel Chakravarty Manuel Chakravarty is a researcher and developer specialising in programming languages and compilers with a focus on functional programming. He has made many contributions to the development of the Haskell programming language, tools, and libraries. He co-developed and implemented the foreign function interface, and the language extensions for both type families and associated types. He was involved in Data Parallel Haskell, Vector, Repa, and Accelerate. He wrote the C-Haskell binding generator and the Haskell for Mac development environment.

Manuel was an associate professor at UNSW Sydney, holds a PhD from the Technical University of Berlin, and received an MSc from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. He has published extensively on functional programming, compilers, and high-performance computing, and won the most influential paper award at the International Conference on Functional Programming (2015). He joined IOHK in 2018.




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